Social media is more than a trend. And it turns out to be an indispensable part of our lives. We all are living in the world of technology. The technology has been influencing our living styles over so many years. Social media is also a form of the latest technology innovations. Social media revolutionaries the way of communication between people. There are some impacts of social media:-

    Social media and politics:

    As we all know about politics. The politicians use social media sites e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Every party has its own pages on social media. They do political campaigns on them. They broadcast their propaganda and request for donation by using their social platform. Political polls are generating, a lot of people participate in these polls and the results will cause contradictory statement. People talk about on this issue and indirectly they involve in politics and communicate with their fellows too.

    Social media and business:

    The way people do their business has been changed to a great extent. The businessman is understanding the use of social media platform to grow their business and generate revenue. They communicate with their customers freely. They targeted the product on a specific group of people. If the social network is implemented in the workplace, the knowledge sharing would become more strengthen. And also improve the management activities. People run their business in a regular way if they are not available in the workplace. They just communicate using their phones.

    Social media and society:

    People build awareness on social issues by saying their opinion on those issues. Before social platform, there is no quickest way to deliver the message to others. But now people deliver messages within one minute. They just do what they want to do. A lot of people got justice just by raising their voice through social media. Our society has been changed to a great extent.

    Social media and interpersonal communication:

    The interpersonal communication is reduced. Most business communication is done by E-mail, Instant messaging, Fax, or by the telephone. All the digital way of communication overtaken the face-to-face communication. People are more focus on their phones rather spending some quality time with their friends and family. Even in one place, all are busy on their phones they give no attention, what’s happening around them.

    Social media and productivity:

    Productivity in term of business products. Many companies blocked the social sites in the workplace just because people are not focused on their duties. They don’t work with proper attention. In the end, the company faces issues in the revenue. Studies show that British companies have lost billions of dollars per year in productivity because of social media addiction among employees.


    The use of anything should be under control. Excessive use always creates disturbance in one’s life. People need to understand their boundaries and limits of using social sites. It is up to each user to use social sites wisely to enhance their professional and social life.


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