Today’s Parents and their role in Education

    Today’s Parents and their role in Education

    Today I’m going to write about Today’s parent’s role in education but before start writing, I want to ask a few questions. Is it valid to put all the responsibility on the school your kid going? is it valid to make him learn the school syllabus only and not make him learn the golden values, manners?

    I’ll start with this quote that “Seek knowledge from cradle to the grave” what does it shows us that the 1st teacher and the first institution is the mother’s lab its true we believe that and science has also proved that even in Shummader child can feel hear whatever is going around or whatever is mother doing he/she can feel and hear so it proves that the grooming starts  even before coming to this world.

    Today’s Parents and their role in Education

    So this is very wrong thinking now a days that  when child will start going school then the grooming period will start No this is wrong so blaming your child school all the time is very wrong  you have to create an environment around the child what you want him to become if you will lie in front of him will shout in front of him will not listen to your elders kids will never listen to what you are saying to them they will act what you are showing them automatically these things will be Transferred to their grooming we need to think about it seriously we have to stop blaming each other and need to focus on these things Because Parents role is very much important in this, if we will start working on these things we can hope for a positive future of our next generation.


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